• Do I have service in my area? - This a handy link you can use to put in your address and see if you will have service in your area. There is also a link called "Coverage" on our homepage. 

  • Is 3G service going away?

    Cellular service runs off of two types of technologies. One is CDMA- which is what Verizon uses, in the USA. The other is GSM- this is the one that ATT&T and other cellular providers use. It is also the prominent technology used in Europe. CDMA technology is upgrading and getting rid of 3G service. However we have done extensive research and GSM 3G networks will be around for a long time.

  • My camera keeps searching, what could be the problem?

    If this is occurring it is possible that you are at the end of your free 30 day trail and you need to add more data to the card. Go to to add more data. if you have data and it is still searching try looking at the antenna and make sure there is no damage. Next try a manual reset. (Notice; this will change all settings to the default settings. You will need to re-enter your cell phone and or email.) To do a manual reset switch the camera into the setup more. From here scroll down until you see reset. Hit OK, it will ask you reset YES or NO, select yes. After this you can press "Menu" 4 times to exit and take you back to the screen that you can look through.

  • Sometimes cell towers and down, is there a way to see if a tower is down and that's why my camera is experiencing problems?