Set Up

Set Up

  • How can I get texts sent to my phone?

    There is a little card that came with your camera and user manual. This can help you depending on your carrier. Start by entering your 10 digit phone number and then see below for your specific carrier code;

    Alltel (10 digit number)

    Boost Mobile (10 digit number)

    ATT&T (10 digit number)

    Cricket Wireless (10 digit number)

    Project Fi (10 digit number)

    Sprint (10 digit number)

    T-moblie(10 digit number)

    US Cellular (10 digit number)

    Verizon (10 digit number)

    Virgin Mobile (10 digit number)

    Straight Talk (10 digit number)

    • If you do not see your carries on the list above try checking one of these sites;
  • How can I see to make sure that I have correctly entered my phone number or email address?

    Unfortunately you can't, you will have to backspace everything and enter it in again. The little arrow pointing to the left is the delete, so you can press "OK" on that to delete character. 

  • I see that when I am setting up my camera it has a flashing red light in the front. Is that going to flash when it takes pictures?

    No- it only flashes red when you are in the set up mode. Once you switch it to "ON" it will not flash.

  • What if my camera is reading "No Sims"?

    Turn the camera off and remove the Sims card. (The SIM card is located in the upper left hand corner, when you are looking at the set up screen) Put a small piece of scotch tape on the non metallic side of the care and reinsert it. This improves the contact between the card and the card reader in the camera. If one layer of scotch tape does not work- try a second layer. Let us know if this does not work.

  • What if my camera quit sending me pictures?

    There are a few different reasons this might have happened. The most common is that you have run out of data. You can log onto to check if you still have data. Also try checking your batteries. Next, your SD care might be full. There is a setting on the camera that will allow you to have the oldest pictures on your SD card over written by the new picture, making it so that your SD card will never be full. To turn this setting on follow these steps. First be in the setup screen. Now hit the "Menu" button- scroll across the top to "other", now scroll down to "SD cycle", press ok and now scroll down to the on and select on.