Receiving Pictures

Receiving Pictures

  • Does the Bigfoot Camera offer a photo management tool?

    Bigfoot does not offer a photo management tool. Here is what we suggest to do: create a account on my ios (apple) phone. When a Bigfoot Camera photo comes in- if you want to save it to your account touch the picture. In the lower right hand corner is a box with an arrow. Touch this box and "save images". After the photo becomes part of my saved images you can share, delete and manage on my account and it is all free. is a much better photo management app then we could ever develop and encourage you to use this. 

    Another thing that some of our customers do is have a special email account that all of their game camera pictures go to.

  • What if I am receiving texts, but there is no picture?

    Do you possibly have an android phone? With some types of phones we have found that you need to download an image processing app. Another issue may be that since the Sim Hero company is based in the Netherlands the camera has in international phone number. So, it may look like an international text. Make sure that you have international texting turned on. You may have to call your cellular provider and get it turned on. Don't worry, it is normally not an additional charge.