Data Adding and Usage

Data Adding and Usage

  • How do I know how much data each picture is using?

    It depends on which setting you have the camera on. When the camera is set to send you a higher resolution picture, it takes more data to transmit. Here is a rough estimate of the different sizes below. ****Note this is all approximate****

    Small SMTP Setting  
    5 mp 25 kb-56 kb per picture
    8 mp 29 kb - 56 kb per picture
    12 mp 29 kb - 56 kb per picture
    Large SMTP Setting  
    5 mp 249 kb - 296 kb per picture
    8 mp 254 kb- 281 kb per picture
    12 mp 248 kb - 424 kb per picture
  • If I am having my camera send pictures to multiple places will it use more data?

    Yes, the more places you are having the images sent the more data it consumes. Also the higher resolution of the pictures you are having sent, the more data it is consuming.

  • When I have my camera send me larger pictures is it using more of my data?

    Yes, because it is transmitting a higher resolution of picture. If you want you can reduce the number of images sent by adjusting the cameras' sensitivity. We estimate if you have the $69.90 data package of 16,000 images you will be paying $0.005 per image transmitted.

  • Why am I having trouble adding data to my plan?

    There might be a couple reasons for this. First off, the company My Sim Hero is based out of Austria so it might look like a foreign charge, so you may have to call your bank and approve it. If you are still having trouble email with the following information, your email and password you are using for your My Sim Hero account, and your phone number so that our tech support can reach you at. Then they will call and walk you through other trouble shooting ideas.