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  • App Information

    The Bigfoot App can be a handy tool to use as a remote for your Bigfoot camera. You can change settings without being at the camera, or request a picture.

    Before using the Bigfoot App there are a few settings that you need to change on your camera. The camera comes on a default setting called "By Trigger", this means that your camera is only triggered by motion. We want to change this setting to "All The Time". This means that your camera will be triggered by motion, but it will also be looking for messages from your phone. By having your camera set to "All The Time", we have noticed that the batteries tend to die a little quicker. (The solar charge is an easy fix for that!) 

    In the app or google play store search for "Bigfoot Camera". It is a blue app with a white B and a bigfoot character. Download the app. 

    Once the app is downloaded, open it. It will ask you to name your camera, go ahead and name it. Next, you will need to enter in your camera's phone number. Your camera's phone number is a 13 digit long number that begins with a +319... now select if you are using the 3G or 4G model, and click add. (You can find your camera's phone number on your registration paper work, or on your sim hero account) Now you should see your camera listed underneath "My Trail Cameras". Click on your camera, and then click on general settings.

    When setting up the app you want all of your settings on the app and on the camera to match. If they do not match you are using the remote app to change the settings on your camera. Below are a how we recommend the settings. 

    1. Enter the camera's phone number again, +319...
    2. Camera Switch ON
    3. SMS Remote Control- ALL THE TIME
    4. SMTP- this is where you need to enter your phone number or email. If you are putting a phone number into this field you will still need a code at the end. If you do not put anything in this field you are deleting your email or phone number and will not receive pictures until you put something into this field.
    5. FTP on
    6. Any other specific settings that you would like besides the default settings

    Now that you have the settings you would like press send. This will pull over some coding to your text messaging, press send in your texting. Now you have set up the app to work with your camera. You can remotely change the setting or request a picture. Remember that when you request a pic it generally takes 1 min for the camera to receive the message, 1 min for the camera to process the message and then another minute for the image to transmit back to you. We ask that if you do not immediately receive the picture you wait at least 10  minutes before requesting another. Requesting images and changing settings back to back can overwhelm the camera and often times interrupt the transmission of the picture back to you.  

  • Can you use the App to remotely turn on and off the camera?

    No, if you turn the camera switch off in the app this is turning the camera off. When the camera is off it is not able to receive messages from the app, or be triggered by motion. You will physically have to go to the camera and turn it back on.